Are you the hammer... or the anvil?

Engage in strategic gameplay that anyone can understand, in a pleasant and mystical universe designed for players of all ages. Siege Hammer is a unique strategic VR game where players take the role of Blip, the young hero who was raised by the wisps, and granted a magical hammer to defend the realm from Rok G’narek’s evil invaders.
Will you be the anvil… or the hammer? 
Wield the mighty Siege Hammer with four dynamic variations of Blip, and construct 3 types of upgradeable towers, in order to fend off multiple waves of invaders across 40+ hours of enjoyable gameplay. Play using motion controls or hands-free on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Gear VR, with Cardboard and Daydream support coming soon!
  • Platforms: Available on Steam and Oculus stores for Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and HTC Vive.
  • Fun Features: Wield the mighty Siege Hammer with four dynamic variations of Blip and construct 3 types of upgradeable towers in order to fend off multiple waves of invaders across 40+ hours of fun gameplay!
  • Family-Friendly: Strategic gameplay that anyone can understand, a pleasant and mystical aesthetic, and content for players of all ages!
  • Entry Level: Easy and intuitive to play with controllers or gaze, smooth experience to maximize comfort and control over the environment, no standing room required, move smoothly or by teleportation!

The Story of Siege Hammer

(Little Blip has a world to protect)


In a great battle, Rokgnarek clashed with the  knights of Etherealm, banishing them to the deepest, darkest corners of the universe, unreachable by light, hope or goodness. One tiny, forgotten infant remained, protected by the wisps of the hollow. They loved him and called him Blip.

Now Blip is somewhat grown, but neither big nor strong. But Blip is good, and Blip is, more importantly, brave. Blip’s  bravery is born from a deep sadness, with the weight of his entire people resting on his narrow shoulders. He has only the company of his beloved wisps, who sing him to sleep each night with their gentle light.
Wisps are more than just his friends, however. They are the power that carries the very life force of the universe itself: They represent the energy force that binds everything together and runs through all living things.The energy from the wisps is the only hope to bring back his people.

But a dark force swirls just over the edge of the horizon, standing between Blip and his goal.

Like an unstoppable wave of despair, Rokgnarek rolls across the land, gathering energy forces as he moves, power compounding upon power as his darkness multiplies on itself across the realm, with the wisps and the very life force of the universe being harnessed against themselves  in an unstoppable march toward utter destruction.

The remaining wisps  are desperate to save their universe, and willingly sacrifice themselves for the good of all kind. With their own tears and lifeforce, they have forged a hammer from the elemental powers of the gods, and given it to Blip, their last hope for defense.

In order to rescue his people,Blip must summon courage from deep within to do what he must to defend his castle, and his only hope for finding family. Blip must sacrifice the energy force of his beloved wisps and crush Rokgnarek’s forces with his siege hammer. He builds up his castle’s defenses and awaits the coming battle as dark forces gather outside the gates.

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